GSuite Redesign

2017 Visual refresh for 2018 Releases

Boulder, CO team led by Margaret Cyphers

Project Space

The GSuite historically hadn't been a cohesive family and was inconsistent across platforms (mobile, web and android). 'GSuite United' was an initiative to unify the design language across products. For most of the product teams, this initiative was a side project, but it needed 'one source of truth'. I was tasked with creating new unified specs.

My Role

Visual Design Intern

Problems with the Solution

Google has spec sheets up to their ears, and yet there are still enough inconsistencies to be a problem. Inconsistencies are prevalent within a design team, across design teams, and even in the code. Beyond that, constantly having to find and cross reference the multitude of spec sheets available can be a drain on the creative process.

I needed some meta rethinking.

A New Sort of Solution

We needed to reconsider the meta system inside the company both across time, and disciplines. Going off previous front-end experience, and meetings with different designers, and engineers, I decided on making a new kind of responsive, modular component library to expediate both the design process, and the handoff to engineers.

Atomic design principles by Brad Frost